I have a publicist!

June 15, 2017

You get me bookending the week this go ’round! I know, I’m excited too!
Jonathan RosenAnyway, welcome to Friday and the weekend! Today really was a Fun Friday for me. I got to speak to my publicist for the very first time. The fun part, was during the conversation, it hit me… I have a publicist! How cool is that?

Each step of this, is a new one for me, and I’m trying to take everything in and savor each moment. So, the whole time I was talking today, I was in awe, that this charming, nice person on the phone was there for the sole purpose of making sure something that I created, succeeds. It was quite surreal.Jonathan Rosen

She went over all the things that are planned in the timeline between now and August 1, the release date for Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies. (Mentioned in the third paragraph, for those of you keeping score at home!)

Jonathan RosenWe discussed press releases, reviews, interviews, and with each step she mentioned, I couldn’t stop myself from picturing them. People actually holding and talking about my book. Every part of the conversation today was a fun one. For one day, at least, I didn’t allow myself to think about anything but the fun aspect of this.

No worrying about reviews. No worrying about whether or not people will buy it. No worrying about the very controversial aspect of deciding to use bunnies and not caving to the powerful dog and cat lobbyists. All of those worries could wait for another day. Today, was just for dreaming and the satisfaction of all the hard work put into something and having others enthusiastic about it.

Next week, I’m going to get to work on all the things my publicist, (Still love saying that) asked me to do. But, that’s next week. Today, and through the weekend, I’m just going to savor it, think about what it took to get here, and dream, just a little, about all the possibilities ahead.

Jonathan Rosen

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