About Me

Hi and welcome to my website!
I thank you for stopping in and hope you enjoy your time here.
I’d love to hear from my readers and promise to answer any questions or emails as soon as I’m able to.

My bio
I was born in a little log cabin in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota.

No, wait. Sorry, that’s not me. I always forget. Although, I think the real story is just as interesting. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. My mom is a native New Yorker and my dad was Mexican. I have lived in and visited many places around the world, and enjoyed each one. I think my favorite trip was to London, though I did get a huge kick out of visiting Loch Ness. No, I didn’t see Nessie. Yes, I tried. Yes, I believe. Along, with Bigfoot, The Yeti, Ghosts and Aliens. Though I’m sorry to say, I have every reason to believe that YOU just might be a figment of my imagination.


I currently live in South Florida with my ultra-supportive family, a dog, two turtles and lots of fish. My three kids all critique my work and tell me what I should be working on next, so if you want me to be writing something in particular, speak to them. In my “spare time”, I help coach the 12U Coral Springs Panthers Travel Softball Team. As I like to tell them, when they win, it’s due to brilliant coaching. When they lose, it’s because they didn’t execute the gameplan. Lastly, every so often, I like to time travel and mess around with the past, so if I accidentally changed anything in your life, I apologize.

Here are some quick facts about me:

Born in: Brooklyn, New York
Favorite place ever visited: London
Place I could go to every single day and not tire of it: Disney
Favorite Book: Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Favorite Movie: Back to the Future or Raiders of the Lost Ark
Favorite TV Show Ever: Arrested Development
Favorite Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb
Favorite Song: Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow and many, many reallyclose runners-up.
Favorite Baseball Team: New York Mets
Favorite Football Team: New York Jets
Favorite Hockey Team: New York Islanders
Favorite Basketball Team: New York Knicks
How often I write: Every day, mostly at night.
My favorite reader: You
Hobbies: I used to collect comics and have a collection of over five thousand of them. I watch a lot of movies from most every genre, but my favorites are comedy and sci/fi.
Favorite Super-Hero: Spider-Man. Nobody else is even close.
Favorite Super-Hero Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy.
Favorite Author: They know who they are
Favorite Food: Mexican

Answers might change from time to time, so come back and keep checking!